Measuring Guidelines

Measuring Shaft Size

Shaft Size is your shaft thickness. Always measure while flaccid!

• We recommend using a soft tape measure to find your circumference while flaccid, then convert it to diameter.

• The tape measure should be lightly touching your skin, not digging in, but not loose either.

Measuring Shaft Length

Shaft Length is the distance from the back edge of your corona to the back of the cage while flaccid. Shaft Length does not include the length of your glans.

• For Orion, Cage 8, and LeSac, the back of the cage can sit against your your body.

• For Bijou and Cage 7 we recommend subtracting 30% from your actual shaft length to allow for movement and shrinkage.

Measuring Glans Length and Piercing Depth

Glans Length and Piercing Depth are measured horizontally from the tip.

Measuring Base Ring Size

Wrap a soft tape measure around your shaft behind the scrotum while flaccid, right up against your torso to find out your Base Ring circumference, then convert to diameter, or we can convert it for you.

• Leave room for a couple of fingers inside the ring, if it's too snug then night time erections will be uncomfortable.

• You can choose from a Circular ring or a Shaped ring.

Measuring for a Bijou

A Bijou will be most comfortable if it's a little shorter than your actual shaft. This will allow for side to side movement, and fluctuations in size.

We recommend subtracting about 30% from your shaft length when ordering a Bijou.

Measuring for LeSac

Measuring for LeSac is the same as for Orion, but with the addition of the ball cage dimensions. The balls should fit comfortably without being squashed, but they don't change size, so extra room is not needed. Typically the width is greater than the length.