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Craig Graham

It’s light, comfortable, snug, confining, secure…, you’re caged.

Orion Impulse

Extremely comfortable to wear and the measuring guide was spot on. Mine fits perfectly like a glove and I would recommend the standard tip design. I find it very convenient for making small adjustments without having to take the device fully off. The small air gap in the design also does a good job of keeping the gland from slipping back into the cage ensuring a good fit.

Michael Jones
Orion Impulse

I had an Evotion device from some years ago, I think there must have been further enhancements since then, because this is so damn comfortable to wear. The shaped base ring, the close fit of the the tube and the way the head piece stops any turtling.

So light and well fitted you really do forget it’s there.

I regret not buying this sooner

My device arrived neatly packaged, wrapped in paper, with a handwritten “thank you” note. I knew I made a good purchase before I even put it on.

This is my first chastity device. I used a thick string to measure myself because I read that measuring tape doesn’t sit well against the body and can give an inaccurate measurement. I selected the shorter shaft length for a snug fit.

The device is comfortable and secure. I am a very active person. It has never caused me discomfort. I don’t sleep with it on. I put it on in the morning and hand my wife the key as she is leaving for work.

It’s discreet. It does not create too much of a bulge. I am able to wear it with most of my pants. The security screw design is great. I didn’t want a bulky padlock. I have become a big fan of tighty-whities. Full-cut briefs have enough room and support for the device.

I doubt I could escape my device, but I’m also not interested in trying. It’s like a wedding band. It is a commitment I have made to my wife. She is on my mind all the time. I love this feeling. It’s like when we first started dating… all I can think about is how amazing she is.

Mason M.
One of the best devices ball trap devices for un-pierced .

I have purchased countless devices over the years; from the CB6000 to custom full belts. The Orion has its own rules because it is unlike other ball-trap devices. Follow the measurement instructions and either purchase the sample base rings or be prepared to purchase a couple. It's so unique that I found myself re-exploring my size and playing with tube diameters and lengths.

Comfort A+ -it is under 2oz which is half of what even my custom titanium ones way from other manufactures. You can workout, run, sleep without issue (zero pain or burning if you have nighttime erections)

Security A+ -The security screw design is the best I've experienced. Sorry guys but the traditional lock and key is not secure unless you can run a wire through is and place a seal. Where other manufactures make mistakes with security screws is
1. they do not recess the head of the screw into the device (mature metal) so pliers is all it takes.
2. they make the "proprietary bit" so big that you can fit a flat head screwdriver in the channels and use it as a key. NONE of these problems exist with the Orion- great design and no worries about it stripping, it's solid.
The headlock design is part 2 of security- can you pull out of the back like almost every other ball trap device- Yes although it's harder than most. But good luck getting yourself back in place without removing the head cap, I have yet to accomplish it through testing.

Hygiene B+ -now here's where the compromises come in, you simply can't have it all. I only have the solid design so that is all I can speak to. This device will need to come off at minimum of 1 time a week, if there are any other fluids apart from sweat involved more like every other day (a wipe with a washcloth before locking it back on just wont do it) you'll get chafing and sores otherwise. Water and soap simply will not penetrate into the covered pieces of the shaft and tip if the device is fitted properly and will lead to smells and other hygiene issues.

All in all a great chastity device. Comfortable you can wear it 24/7, Secure and affordable. Can't wait to see what designs the come up with next!