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Orion user
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My base ring was too small for my comfort and the ring gap wasn’t wide enough so I contacted them and made adjustments to better suit my comfort for long term wear and was eager to help, turn around time and quality is spot on and I am very satisfied with the service, thanks as always.

Small adjustment, perfect fit

My original Orion dimensions didn’t quite create the fit that I expected. The Parts and Options order allowed me to add a few mm to the length of the device. That adjustment turned a pretty good device into the absolute perfect device without having to start over. 24/7/365 is no longer a daydream fantasy, it’s now an achievable goal. Bonus: the adjustment fixed the stream and I now use the urinal at will! Thanks Evotion crew!

Very comfortable

I switched to the anatomic ring and it fit so much better. Thank you so much again

the right size base ring

I had at 1st used the measurements and method of measuring i used on my custom Steel cage. finding out the tube length was way off using that methed and the base ring was also way to small. after actually going thought the sizing from Evotion i was able to get a right size tube and base ring. now for the 1st time i was able to sleep in my new cage and its great.

Matthew F.

So.. So happy