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Alex L.
So happy with my evotion bijou!

I recently got my evotion bijou and am very excited to be using it! I had a bit of an issue with sizing but I emailed evotion and Andy was very helpful with finding a solution. I’m just waiting for the new pieces to ship now with a narrower glans ridge. Overall the device is very light weight and very comfortable.

A true fan
Nothing Else Compares

The Bijou is amazing. It’s significantly more comfortable than any traditional P.A. jewelry options, it fits like a perfectly customized glove keeping you nice and protected. The lack of a base ring in the design prevents the discomfort of traditionally designed devices (although the precision customization would probably eliminate it for Evotion’s ringed options) and the glans catcher ring eliminates the sensation of weight during wear. The way it takes all the weight off the piercing lets you almost forget it’s there… until it’s main purpose comes into play.

This thing is beyond secure, once that screw goes in you’re completely at the mercy of whoever is holding the key. There’s no cheating it, it’s tight embrace once you find yourself excited makes every throb an intense reminder of the control your keyholder now has.

It fits discretely under your clothes and doesn’t produce a noticeable bulge since it’s nearly the same size as your flaccid member. It takes a few days to get over the mental paranoia of people noticing just like it does with any cage option, but with a Bijou no one will.

I rate devices based on comfort, security, safety, and discretion, and the Bijou is the first and only to earn a perfect 10/10 in all these categories. You’ll never need or want another cage after you’ve worn a Bijou, prepare to love hating it and hate loving it while your keyholder enjoys the rush of total control and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have no way of cheating your perfectly fitted prison.

Pavel P.
Sizing it Key

A great custom fit piece, just make sure you get your sizing accurate or you will ending purchasing more than one.

Hi Pavel, It's true that sometimes adjustments are necessary, but we give discounts for full redos and also offer the option to order individual custom parts. As you experienced, our specialty is being client focussed by listening to each individuals needs to get them into the most comfortable long term chastity they can imagine!
~ Yvonne

The search is over! BEST PA DEVICE EVER

Where to start? I have been through at least 20 devices over the years.. Ball trap at first (too many issues to name) then got pierced. Every device I've tried since going PA has caused pain in one way or another that was a safety issue and required time out of the device to heal. Every device also required removal for cleaning frequently (maybe I am just extra smelly but still...). After hearing about this device, I sent questions in and got quick and friendly answers. I measured a bunch... I wanted to get it perfect and finally hit the submit order button. When it arrived, I did a quick wash and put it on. NO PAIN... even days later, I just forget it's there until I actually see or feel it. Morning erections have zero pain and if anything increase the horny levels and desperation that those of us into chastity live off of. I've now had this device on for longer than any device I have used over the last 16 years and there are ZERO issues. I can finally go 24/7 with my wife in total control of when/if I get to feel pleasure. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for creating an amazing device that I will recommend to ANYONE interested in chastity!

Donald T.
Almost perfect

The Bijou is extremely nice. Great finish, very decorative and perfect sizing. Comfortable while on and discrete. Only negative is I ordered Pink as directed by my Dom, an I got a purple one. Still great looking but not what she wanted.