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Donald Townsend
Almost perfect

The Bijou is extremely nice. Great finish, very decorative and perfect sizing. Comfortable while on and discrete. Only negative is I ordered Pink as directed by my Dom, an I got a purple one. Still great looking but not what she wanted.

Karl B.
It’s stuck, help I put it on and can’t get it off. As if I want to.

I have a bijou with a pa piercing. would wear it a day or two at a time . I put it on one evening, the next day went to the beach. When I went to take it off the key wouldn’t go in the keyhole, it was full of sand... still full of sand. I’ve done everything I can to get the sand out. That was 10 and a half months ago. I wash it every day with soap and water. Doesn’t have a smell or odor. The fit is near perfect. Like wearing glasses. It’s there but I don’t notice it. Ok once in awhile I notice it. It’s there and it’s staying there unless I get a new one. If you have ever considered trying a Chastity device try one of these. If you don’t have a piercing yet maybe consider a frenum then you won’t have to be concerned about getting pee on it. Seriously, I give this the top rating. It’s not cheap like the junk on E-bay or a-liexpress but then it’s the only one you will ever have to buy. And its the best you will ever have. I can’t say enough good about it. Sorry no picture it’s In use right now.

Haha! That's an awesome fantasy and we're so happy that you're happy!!

John M.
Wonderful product

Thanks for the great experience. It is a pleasure to wear.

John G.

comfortable full-time wear

Brianna P.
Bitch Bridled

My wife(sissy) is finally kept. She can’t even THINK of something she shouldn’t without excruciating pain immediately. Her shift in focus has been dramatic and exciting. Watched her go through device after device and didn’t think it would ever work. Happy to be wrong.