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Masayoshi Matsunaga

I had to hurry, but it arrived safely.
When I put it on right away, there was no problem when I was not erect.
The product itself is solid, but the areas for improvement are as follows.
- Fixed lock band easily falls off.
- Regarding the inner dimensions of the cage, there is no problem with the shaft diameter, but it may not be suitable for people who are the type of people whose glans spreads horizontally when they suddenly get an erection. Therefore, why not use the average value of the width of the part where the glans goes in when it is fully erect and when it is in a relaxed state?
If that improvement is made, it will be even better.
For those who are about to place an order, we recommend that you understand the shape of your penis and take accurate measurements. This is also true for all products here.

Eric D.
wrong size

flubbed the sizing. Only solution according to Evotion is to buy a new one.

Measuring yourself can be hard, but if I remember correctly you weren't off by very much. With the Cage 7 and Cage 8 we can't change the shaft diameter without changing the straps (that's just the way the design is). Bijou and Orion are easier to make adjustments on. We offer discounts on redos, get in touch again to discuss your options (we have lots of options!) ;-)

Robert J.
I threw it out. a cage without a base ring doesn't work for me

The quality was excellent but I threw it out. a cage without a base ring doesn't work for me