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John T.
Long time coming

To say this is best cage ever is true, but it has also been a life long dream of mine that was made possible that's to Evotion wearables Thank you!
Your website originally caught my eye back in Feb, 2020. I didn't get to place an order until Feb, 2021(life happens). I got the base ring measurement wrong because the lock takes ~1/4" from the top and ordered a new one Mar, 2021
After testing the cage again I found my glans would slip behind the glans ring and become uncomfortable, so in Jun, 2021 I ordered a new shaft, with an intentionally too small inner diameter knowing I could then sand and reshape it myself over time.
As of Sept, 2023 I can now be locked indefinitely in the BEST CAGE EVER.
Don't give up on your dreams.

The best for 24/7

I have some years of experience with the cb6000s, HolyTrainer and Steelheart. The Orion is the first one that was customized. The prize is breathtaking (especially when shipped to Germany), but the result too. By far the most comfortable cage ever, smooth material, well designed, manufactured with care. When you measure your flacid size carefully you will find that it is impossible to pull out, even without a PA piercing. There is zero stress on the ligaments. Peeing is easy and hygiene is very good, although the water hardly gets to your tightly trapped best piece, except from the front. The front opening could be smaller to make stimulation more difficult. I wonder how long the srew heads and the screwdriver will make it. Nothing for on/off every day, I think, rather a cage for 24/7, as it should be. Overall: highly recommended!

Very disappointed ☹️

Very disappointed, with the product , and the cost.

Oh no Royd, what's going on? I thought you would love your custom Orion / Bijou bundle! Is it a size or fit issue - let me know and we can make adjustments.

Gene D.
I like the new design

Had the older design for awhile it was great but the new design is less bulky and I really like the security screw

Love Evotion

I love the material. I love the construction of it. I would love a hinge model as it is better for my body. I love the screw that locks it instead of a traditional lock. It’s a winner.

Thanks John, we appreciate your feedback and kind words! ~Yvonne