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Custom Orion with PA

Evotion did an exceptional job on the custom design of the cage.
The cage solves 3 long-term problems: balls slipping out of the ring, foreskin protruding from cage, and painful night time erections.

Alex C.
My new permanent cage

I ordered an Orion late last year and it came in about 8 weeks. And an extra ring took about 5 weeks to come in. Yvonne and the staff were super helpful making sure I had sizing correct and all the options I was looking for. Coming from a kink3d cobra, there is no comparison. In my experience, add an extra 5mm to the ring diameter of using the cobra ring as a size guide. This Orion is so comfortable it's like I'm not even locked. Since there is no traditional lock, it lays so much flatter in your pants which is nice for hiding it, and there is less for it to catch on. But it also gives an awesome cage print/bulge in thinner lighter shorts and underwear. This is truly the first cage I have worn that I think I could leave on forever (and I might!) It's super easy to clean and once I had the ring sizing correct, it doesn't pull or chafe and feels completely secure. I'm looking forward to many months and hopefully years locked away in this awesome cage. Thank you!

Wonderful with Customization

I had requested a few non-standard customizations. Working through the design process was easy and clear, and the item arrived just as anticipated.

Marcel K.A
Close to perfect

The Orion is so lightweight and fits so well that I sometimes forget that it is even there. No pinching, no soiling myself while peeing. No unsanctioned stimulation either. But the best thing is: I can finally go on long bicycle rides while safely locked!

Cheers from a happy customer

Great Cage!

It's an awesome cage! It is the first cage I've worn that fits my anatomy.